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Anonymous asked: Thanks for commenting on that post about aggravating fans! I have been seeing that post on my dash all day and it has been directed towards loki's fans. It has made me feel guilty just for liking Loki. Seeing your comment made me feel a lot better though so thank you for that.






First off, no one should ever feel guilty for just liking Loki and I’m incredibly sorry that this fandom has become so toxic it’s making people feel this way.
I’d give you a big hug and sit down and watch Thor tdw with you if I could.


This is getting disgusting and I’ve sat back and stayed out of this as long as I can.

The thing is we’re all supposedly fans.

I’m a Loki fan,
You’re a Loki fan,
That person over there is a Loki fan.
YOU, If your reading this, you’re probably a Loki Fan.
This is simple math. Fan+Fan=happy fans who get to fan-gasm together!
But nooooo.
Something as gone terribly wrong, I don’t want to just say this is on Tumblr, because Tumblr is a lovely window into the rest of the world. Something has gone terribly wrong everywhere.

It’s suddenly not so simple, and it’s ASSHOLES that broke it. There I said it and I’m not saying I’m sorry.

It used to be that if you didn’t like one person’s point of view on something, you ignored them. Maybe scuffed in the back of your mind. But you had enough RESPECT of other people to not sit back and trash someone just because their personal beliefs of a fictional character are different from yours.

Let’s remove Loki from this calculation-
I like apple pie and you like apple pie, common math says lets both sit down and eat some pie! But I only like my apple pie hot from the oven with vanilla ice cream and grand cracker crust, what do you mean you like your pie cold from the fridge a day after thanksgiving?
We have different tastes in the same thing?
How is this possible?
This must be blossomy, burn the bitch at the stake!

Or is that too extreme a reaction, because that’s kind of what the Loki fandom has become.

I like my Loki bleeding hearted and redeemable, you like your Loki ten ways to bad ass and as Evil as the day is long.
The thing is, we ALL like LOKI. We shouldn’t fight over it.
We shouldn’t be sitting back saying one is bad and one is good or one is right and one is wrong. We shouldn’t EVER be saying that one is a bad fan or destroying the fandom. Because it’s not their different views destroying the fandom.

It’s your hate of their different views that’s destroying the fandom.
I’m going to say that twice, because I don’t think you really listened to me the first time.
It’s your hate of their different views that’s destroying the fandom.

You don’t like apple pie the same way I do, I’m so disgusted I’m never eating apple pie again despite the fact I just said I love apple pie more than anyone else.

It doesn’t make sense.

The Loki fandom doesn’t make sense. 

the only thing going to fix this is if several of the people claiming to be such big Loki fans need to learn RESPECT of each others choices and viewpoints in a fictional character and stop being such incredible assholes.

I just hope to god that you haven’t already destroyed such a wonderful thing for so many people.



Because people don’t listen.

Because people don’t like ideas to be challenged.

Because people hate differences of opinion.

Which all boils down to:

Because people don’t like to be challenged.

Because people hate differences.

Because people hate.


And I would like to add my own radical two cents:

If you like your Loki “ten ways to badass” and you also like him “bleeding hearted and redeemable,” you can have your cake and fucking eat it too, which is part of what makes Loki so goddamn fascinating as a character!

Those qualities aren’t mutually exclusive!

Revolutionary, I know.

Here’s the thing about Loki: in Myth and Marvel, he’s a liminal character. Vague, grey, and impossible to pigeonhole or pin down. He does not occupy one single role, or fit a single archetype or alignment. He is redeemable, soft, tender-hearted, gentle, cerebral, kind, mischievous, dark, dangerous, vicious, bloodthirsty, and cruel. He is a father, a mother, a brother, a friend, and a killer. He embodies lies and dishonesty, yet his greatest triumph over the gods is when he tells the unabashed truth. He is fire: with both the power to work wondrous good and to wreak terrific destruction, from the ashes of which grows wondrous good anew. He is all of those things in a single character, and you can love all of those things about him, and reconcile them all.

That’s the beauty of Loki, Brother of Byleistr; and of Loki, Son of Laufey; and of Loki, Son of Frigga. 

To believe that he is one thing (that he is purely a villain, for example), or that he is another (perhaps that he is purely a victim) is to misunderstand the character entirely. It is black and white, binary thinking that has no place in the minds of those who call themselves fans of Loki, and which it is the duty of those of us who worship Loki (he of the myths) to point out and attempt to dismantle.

You can prefer different parts of Loki, of course! But don’t you dare condemn anyone who prefers different parts. Because they all exist, and they are all equally valid. Ideally, everyone would appreciate them all in equal measure… but I understand that that’s a lot to ask.

So for now… accept him as he is. Accept his fans and his devotees as we are. For what we love about him is that he is grey, and if you can’t love all of his shades, the least you can do is shut up and not condemn those that do.

/End rant. Eloki out.))

//*Jazz hands at Eloki who really articulates my own thoughts well* 

"It used to be that if you didn’t like one person’s point of view on something, you ignored them. Maybe scuffed in the back of your mind. But you had enough RESPECT of other people to not sit back and trash someone just because their personal beliefs of a fictional character are different from yours."

This makes me feel so much better haha. I am actually losing followers again. Thank god, gaining followers is stressful since I don’t actually like post anything interesting. 

I hate having asthma. Not only can I not breath properly but I have to listen to myself wheezing. Hopefully my pills kick in and I can breath soon cause I promised my Nana I would call her. But I don’t wanna wheeze into the phone cause she gets worried. She has enough on her mind to worry about me when I’m fine. Well…sort of fine. 





A breakdown of medieval armor, since a lot of pieces are required to create a full suit.



I love how the others say “reference” and me?


Vambraces are sexy, yessss.  Now where is the post about different materials and how they are best used?  *twitch*  If you’re going to use it - in art, writing, whatever - learn what it is and how it works (there, that’s my “reference” bit).  

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Tom Hiddleston films scenes for the new horror movie ‘Crimson Peak’ in Toronto on April 17, 2014 [HQ]


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Well, the sun’s gone down
And you’re uptown
And you’re just out runnin’ around

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So DMMD is a lot of fun. I want to play it but my dad’s home and my headphones don’t work. And no I will not play the game without sound because I need the sound damnit. So decided to kill time and download DMMD re:connect but Fuwanovel doesn’t seem to be working. Now I’m sad.